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  1. Yea very low chance for drop quest item and 2 mobs with respawn 5 minutes!
  2. +1 server is going so bored with dat fail quests

    Balance of PvPs

    Ofc is part of the game so play a songer active and take your ressist not bot and take one hour ressist ARE U KIDDING ME? GO PLAY OFFICIAL AND LEARN PLAY LINEAGE THEN

    Balance of PvPs

    listen me... Server is unbalance cuz of ressists and pow any many more We wanna play something difference thats why we join Sublimity all server playing Archers and gladis cuz are OP nothing more

    Balance of PvPs

    what a moron no2 i dont SAY TO BOOST MAGES I SAY TO FIX RESSISTS AND FIX POW WITH SPEED ARCHER HIT AND RUN >ALL and dont forget Domi/tanks destroy the mages, mage on tank hitting 200 dmg are u kidding me? wtf is this balance that u write? really?

    Balance of PvPs

    what a moron I say SERVER IS UNBALANCE AND I GIVE A OPINION TO FIX IT i dont SAY to make what i want or i leave! learn read
  7. Hello, Im Mage(Archmage) i get 4k/3k from archers/gladis and with Archmage i hit 400 dmg with vortex and surrender on enemy with ressists. 100% unbalance ressits from songers and dancers is one hour my clan is only mage in this server because archers/gladis are OP all server have cov(same speed) mages cant take pow(mc rate) -200 p def and same speed with cov archers running hit and run >all UNBALANCE!!! so Make Songer/Dancer ressists 2 min (like siren) Elemental ressist 2 min or with surrender remove it Fix Pow dont nerf Speed and give p def like Cov Add more P.Def on Advanced Robe armor Add in Buffer Pow/Pof/Wind like cov and fix speed and gladi's(ASSASIN-TANK) are op but ok if u dont gonna fix your server we just leave server sorry we can't play like bots all server archers and gladis Thats for me thanks.
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok u support "Bot for Private Servers" but u sell items with euro in Maxcheaters Site is this allowed man?
  9. Yes Trance? You farm very nice with your Bot and selling items with euro Gratz
  10. GALENE


    because pick up need time and they will start pick up adenas so farm will be more hard and more blanace with bots
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