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  1. To OpalSnow

    Decent suggestion! I just want to add: i wish to play a Final Gracia next time. Merry xmas community!
  2. i do see people crying about server time

  3. About the event Bug maybe?

    Same here. Twice BTW: ...please take this hair accesory bla bla bla... and nothing in my inventory.
  4. Periodic Updates/Events (Major/Minor)

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha YEAH! That was funny!
  5. main town

    Come on guys, Giran Harbor WTF? G I R A N ! !
  6. main town

    n a r i G FTW!
  7. Agument Drops

    Make them droppable but you can save in WH.
  8. [New Feature] New buffs

    YEAH! Let's protect the magic power!
  9. Spoil /Phoenix set

    I remember the Raid System. There were raids lv70- which you can kill with 1 friend. There were 'STAR' raids lv40- (i don't remember exactly) which drop hight amount of RT's; OFC, EVERYBODY want 'em. Will Opal change these features?
  10. Spoil /Phoenix set

    First of all, 'Spoil area' @Elven Fortress. +1 Spoiling system. Hard work for Phoenix Armors.
  11. remove invite ally

    L O L ! ahahahahahaha THIS EMPEROR!
  12. remove invite ally

    FACEPALM!!! Dominican Style: T I T U A !
  13. AutoLoot

    If someone come to pick my drops ill 'SHAAAAAARK'!
  14. Rewards

    1. I think LS is a good price. 2. I disagree about Armors/ENCHANTED P.Weapons cause it gonna to unbalance the server's economy faster. NOTE: I added 'ENCHANTED' bcoz Excellion Weapons as reward seems like a good idea to me. At least 1-2 Excellion Weaps. Of course getting weapons reduce the amount of BoGs you get. 3. I agree about quantity of BoGs and low rate for enchanting skills. 4. Raid Boss? It sounds like 500x server. CRAZY. Sorry about my poor english.