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  1. Tig3r

  2. Tig3r Party

    Might be the only time i can agree with Hush lol the top dog clans are dead, most of them left the game, if this left over parties from those clans join together i don't think they will have much competition to begin with. And lets not forget hattori has another time zone, and everyone knows that he can get crazy numbers some times, so apart from him i don't rly see ppl being able to beat this "tf and ngu and whatever clan" maybe, just maybe SA can bring up enough members to give some competition. So yea, first time i agree with hush lol
  3. Clanz

    Hows natalya!
  4. Just a little reminder

    P eles verem quem manda xD
  5. Clanz

    ela malakas! Que pasa! How are you mexican greeks :D
  6. Clanz

    tig3r will give it a shot for someone to be topdog dis time
  7. Clanz

    fck off anich
  8. Push date back

  9. Karef pls go vote for trump

  10. FFXV

    so funny :D
  11. Sublimity Final 2012

    damn so true