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  1. Im lowrate player from x9000 br server with 5 rows of buff now what you gonna do about it scrub
  2. How much income do you think he generated with this server? Pretty sure moneywise this was the worst iteration of sublimity by far
  3. Erdi - one of the very few mentally stable and good players still playing in whatever joke of a self proclaimed community is left of this game You tell em brotha.
  4. suitup

    Fighter class bug

    Surprised it actually took you this long to figure out. Typical sublimity balancing where mages are unplayable without oe phoenix gear, always been like that
  5. suitup

    Chat ban

    I wouldve chatbanned you for this as well. Hit up google on what free speech actually means because thats certainly not what it is
  6. Another thing is that the majority of people posting in this thread dont even get its intention, everyone is being super defensive and is posting excuses why whatever side zerged it up or why some1 brought cc parties to raids and why they lost. Impossible to have a discussion that goes to the root of things without people constantly repeating the same shit in every thread on this forum so even tho the intentions of Scathe were good this thread will never go anywhere other than straight down to the gutter.
  7. Thing is, the server needs to cater more towards small groups, thats true, but you wont increase daily activity or prevent CPs joining big sides if you do a 9v9 event once in a while or have 2 sieges run simultaneously every 14 days. L2 at its core is just an outdated game and promotes zerging+cc abuse and in 2018 everyone is focused on just winning no matter what so there is only so much you can do about it. What could be done to make mass pvp more enjoyable is nerfing cc classes significantly, maybe even to a point where they are almost rendered useless so people cant just bring more of them. If you want to incentive smaller groups to stay on their own you need custom pvp features or automated events where these people can actually DO something on their own. Just have a look at all these highrate pvp servers, cos thats the only place where small groups still work. And aint nobody tell me shit about custom 5000x l2j features they dont like because l2 was never designed to be played in a way you guys are currently playing it. Its a broken game and the only way to fix it is customization
  8. What I personally will never understand is how any attempt to have an actual discussion is instantly infiltrated by the same morons posting the same old gibberish they been posting the last 8 years on just about every l2 forum they ever set foot in. Bet they still gonna be posting this 5 years from now, most boring shit ever
  9. There is multiple reasons why this server or lineage 2 mid rate servers in general have been very lackluster in terms of random/daily pvp in the past couple years. On the previous sublimity (Exile 2014) we had the same issue already. Last sublimity server which had an active pvp community was Final back in 2012. For one, lineage 2 has kind of evolved into a different game over the years. Nowadays big clans which make the main population of a server consist of constant parties who only ever log into the game for mass pvp events a couple hours per day or maybe not even on a daily basis. Most of them have been playing this game for so long, they are in their early to late 20s or even 30s and have responsibilities other than doing random stuff in a time consuming mmo game. They want to spend their ingame time as effective as possible, hence they bot/donate for gear and play the game the way they can get the most fun out of it in a limited timeframe, which is hanging with their friends (CP) in teamspeak attending mass pvp events at a set time. If it wasnt for their CPs, most of them wouldnt even play this game anymore because they only ever enjoy playing with them and nothing else. Another point is that l2 isnt really the best game for random/solo pvp in general, its extremely gear dependent, classes are unbalanced often only revolving around spamming 2 or 3 buttons, everything is chance based (heavily determined by RNG, you get stunned/silenced/crit/whatever and simply die with no possible counterplay). In terms of pvp quality there are simply better game alternatives available today which are a lot more demanding and fair. There is still random/small scale pvp in l2, but only on highrate pvp servers which were specifically designed for it, often revolving around specific pvp zones/events, kill rewards etc. Pve is completely eliminated or kept to a bare minimum so people dont have to deal with it. The only possible way I could see increased pvp activity on a server like this would be with pvp events and a reward system designed around pvp. Sort of like the Blitz event on Exile 2014, but maybe with a bit more variety and on a more regular basis. Maybe even something that is avialble 24/7 so people can just log and have fun no matter when they decide to. So is it really poorly designed server features? Both yes and no. Designing a server today, I think it needs a different kind of philisophy than back in the day. Even tho Terra and past sublimity servers very always innovative in a way, they still kind of followed a very oldschool mindset of "how an l2 midrate server has to look like". Players have changed over the years, the responsibility of a good server admin would be to adapt and make it more enjoyable for the currenty population of people. This is just about increasing daily pvp and general server activity, mass pvp doesnt need anything other than balancing changes because of what I explained above, plently of people are attending it. Wall of text I know but I couldnt get/didnt want to do it any shorter. @[email protected]
  10. Because Lineage 2 is a game where a lot of emphasis was put specifically into 1v1 combat, all these rng elements and gear differences make for a very fair and solid base. There is also a lot of room to outplay enemies simply by having better game mechanics e.g. spamming the F1 key like mad.
  11. suitup

    EE/SE recharge

    It takes a long ass time to level up and test all these classes and potential changes they might or might not have made. If it was as easy as just "log in and check by urself" I obviously would've done so.
  12. Not sure if this was implemented already, but EE/SE should be able to recharge themselves and gain a small amount of mana this way. This is how the skill worked on retail prior to Interlude, it makes for more fluent gameplay in lowrate areas and will increase popularity of said classes. Also on Nova it was customized to work like this as well.
  13. For all I know last server they played was chronos, thats probably after transferring from magmeld. Not playing with genocide anymore, so I kind of lost track of whats exactly happening. Also the genocide which plays retail nowadays is completely different from how the clan looked back in the day, only a handful of people left which I can relate to.
  14. Really now, has Genocide ever lost?
  15. suitup

    Aden siege

    Except for my dick if you prepaid
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