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  1. never stop being who you are hush
  2. lmao

    vent ts discord whatever kids use these days idk im out of the loop
  3. lmao

    give me a vent i can join to find all you niggs
  4. lmao

    so many of you still around to shitpost 24/7 and so many of you around here to post entire essays and rants about the game and the community and so many of you are still the same brainlets youve always been looooool
  5. Gracia final

    idgaf about gf client a fully working HB client with working HB quests, towers and customized belleth raid would be the fucking bomb
  6. easiest siege ever

    lecturing people on psychology in a dead korean mmo on a private server in 2017 fucking cringe reincarnate end my suffering pls
  7. easiest siege ever

    too bad theres no topic on how to not lose buffs in the first fight on a bd
  8. easiest siege ever

    yes you can bully people verbally online especially when theyre the same people over the past 6 years or so playing the same 5 servers over and over honestly youre the last person i expected to be this retarded but gj on proving me wrong
  9. easiest siege ever

    yeah but thats exactly what keeps the server alive, the rivalries and the trashtalking so stop being soft cunts and analysing personalities through forums this is pathetic if we all stroke each others dicks and try to "take the moral high ground" like you do, after every fight, then the server will soon become just as boring as it was when you were playing with tf you have accepted help from other sides and helped other sides multiple times and theres no denying that. you want to treat this like real life diplomacy and take into account peoples attitudes and game objectives like were playing civilization, then go ahead, were just going to keep treating the game like a game and call you out because its laughable.
  10. easiest siege ever

    watch rei's vod from the 1.25.00 mark and onwards for a couple of minutes congratulations for the castle and congratulations on the amazing post in the clan section (i actually liked it) but at least lets call things the way they are
  11. easiest siege ever

    We arent crying we are here to talk shit because as opposed to SA we earned the right to do so look i really dont care enough to go into detail and i dont even really blame tig3r tbh way too many convenient coincidences during that siege and way too many unknown beaners running their mouth when they have never been a factor in any event yet
  12. easiest siege ever

    twas a joke lighten up fam no point arguing like you said because everything you can accuse me of, I can accuse you of
  13. easiest siege ever

    The only thing I've learned the past 6 years on the forums is that you used to be a SGC member lmao
  14. easiest siege ever

    i dont think anyone in tf claims we havent lost a single fight or something like that lol if we lost aden to tig3r id be more than happy to say gf and end it there but instead you get a million beaners talking shit as if they would have even passed the main gate if they tried to actually fight someone 3 or 4 clans were inside the castle at the same time for most of the siege yet by some fucking miracle the smallest one of them managed to crest uncontested. explain to me how that doesnt make the rest of you absolutely horrible players or absolutely sad cunts.
  15. easiest siege ever

    just because its unofficial doesnt mean it didnt happen last few events tig3r had help from other small clans/parties and the reasoning behind it was something along the lines of "thug and erdi agreed on parties but erdi isnt online so.."