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  1. #ATB Group 2018

    fake post
  2. TheCrazyOnes

    TL DR
  3. holiday vacation? interesting

  4. 25x Craft server

    craft servers attract the people and the community,opal's last server was a failure everyone knows that if he really wants to open a server he needs to adapt and make a x15 craft server no custom just A/S and let people kill each other
  5. Jokes on you

    ur not the type of guy who will play bishop xd
  6. Jokes on you

    zodac bp? lmao
  7. Should we change the chronicle?

    gf would be fun but im saying it again server has very low polulation due to summer due and all these failures in the last month thats the main problem that i see
  8. My suggestions for future updates.

    adding 50% elemental protection to an armor and with elemental protection buff whats the dmg u will take,300?
  9. My suggestions for future updates.

    ya server doesnt have so much people so take out every low rate especially on epics,remove all solo zones and let just a solo zone like Coal mines or fortress as zinx said,all the suggestions he said must happen so server wakes up again,
  10. tbh mephisto people like you and more that voted june in middle of summer are the reason this happend,cuz yall wanted it perfect in 2 weeks time well u see now that wasnt enough and we had to wait,w/e
  11. tbh people like mephisto is the reason this server failed,i know you know that already kovi but the 80% of ur side especially leaders,hush/thug and more people was spamming to open it in middle of summer cuz they had nothing to do,im not blaming just them there was a lot of nolife people that choose july cuz they simply had nothing to do and they couldnt wait after summer,thats a blame community should take but is opal's fault also,sometimes you gotta say i cant do that in 2 weeks time just because isnt possible and server will be broken,but opal choose to just "try" make it as much good he can well it was a disaster,most of inteligent people knew that this will happen especially at middle of summer.
  12. braveheart nobody got nothing expect noblesses in this server,especially the shit ur saying clan went lvl 8 with academy chars
  13. favelaSociety Recruiting 1 party

    bart is preparing to win the server
  14. Epics

    never scammed anything from anyone,idk what happend with the zaken situation