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  1. check Inbox pls Landion serious issue 

  2. hi mate opal said to contact u for  divine enchant bug ..so pls resp when ure on

    1. amox12345


      i was enchanting my arcana mace acumen from +9 to + 10 with divine scroll and it cristalyzed ..opal seid that the bug is known and to contact u ... my ig nick is mastercraft 

  3. It will be applied on next reboot.
  4. Landion


    Hello, We are investigating the issue.
  5. Hello L2 Sublimity support , today 21/7/2017 while I was enchanting my jewels I enchanted by mistake my "Soul Phoenix Light Boots " with normal enchant armor scroll and I broke them .. Could you please help me and give me the boots back? My character name is " Pirlo2006 ".I would appreciate it if you help me cause it's a pitty to farm 900 souls again only for light Boots.

    1. MrShawarma


      Help him man, he's good boi @Landion @OpalSnow @Rei

    2. jeanccc



      dat idiot :P

  6. Why to complete "A Gateway to the Past" quest I need to make PVP? The quest is only to be able to run to arcan, and the only way to farm is PVP.

  7. Could you give me the sub I'm new


     landion could you give me the sub i'm new  name is oneway



    aCoullalad ladioyou give me the sub I'm new

    1. Landion


      Private message me or make a ticket on support section please.

  8. hi

    1. xbobocx


      that was just for test , i tryd to end pm or post here, it didnt work

      Do i recive reward if  i played  when server was fresh?i playd few days i had a titan lv 76, now i level my titan and then a new char . All i had from the past its talum +3 and hd+0

      Do i  still benefit from the reward event?

      Now the titan its 79 and my new archer its 55

      Titan : Titanium

      Archer : R32

    2. Landion


      Pm me or make a post on support section about it.

    3. fabiolaxd


      landion could you give me the sub i'm new  name is oneway


      Could you give me the sub I'm new
  9. Hi my player is OdnamRa i plaing  from the beginning .. but i donnt nowk how to make the Subclass !!! can i have the bonus ? 


    They should not interfere in matters of the game. That takes action.

  11. hi reg me for event 2x2 

    HB and FakeStyle

  12. im from brasil  i use google translate 


    I was getting up in orbis I got a strange bug where the titan took 10k damage and the 20k archer was up for 30 minutes when I went to town I was buying items back to upa I do not know if the bow was sold or if it disappeared through the bug. I would like to check it because I am Brazilian it was very expensive buy 3 weapons +14 ... I do not have what I spend with lineage at the moment I hope that you can evaluate my case the bow that disappeared was +15 you check the ... The case the titan in orbis is bugando


    Nik        Lynx             loguim: l2olly     Pbow+15  

    1. Landion


      Please make a post on support section about it.

  13. Hello everyone, Whoever wants to register for the upcoming sieges, private message me.
  14. landion can you please find a solution im my problem for barakiel i answer the post on support 

  15. i had problem...  Web say Diamond The white-eye its allive but in the same time altar missing  ?

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