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  1. EXP Weekends

    Some fucking no lifer thinks that he is a godlike lol such a noob of poland ho is bitching to other pl.
  2. [tsa]corporation

  3. [tsa]corporation

  4. PHX MACE +13

  5. PHX MACE +13

    Offer here or in game.Nickname in game Asmadeuss Mace now is +14
  6. L2 Sublimity Promotional Video

    Hans Zimmer - Injection
  7. Donate

  8. WTB P bow with Might/DM

    Hmm what is your offer for phx bow +10 dm? Bow is selled!
  9. Clan eggs

    Today my clanmate, killed 2 Raid boses. And whit no drop off the clan eggs! rb lvl was 60 and 66. Clanmate lvl was 3 lvl lower then Rb.
  10. [tsa]corporation

  11. [tsa]corporation

  12. What about the mages.

    Ho will rule the server mages? or fighters?