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  1. lmao

    We miss you, man.
  2. Fighter class bug


    It sure does remind me of Mephisto
  4. I'll vouch for this man. Good hearted fella.
  5. 200 Pop?

    Pm me that shit bro
  6. 200 Pop?

    How you doing man? Still killin?
  7. 200 Pop?

    Is it 200 or 500 now?
  8. Since 2012

    this here, is without a doubt, the best fraps ever.
  9. Since 2012

    great fucking times
  10. easiest siege ever

    Ain´t nobody crying man. The pvp was good. But we gotta point out all the fucking cowards
  11. easiest siege ever

    apparently english is too hard for him too
  12. easiest siege ever

    It´s alright at the end of the day. I mean, wouldn´t be so much fun if we kept winning everything on this server. GG and GF, we had our fun.
  13. Recruiting American CP

    Bunch of Alabama rednecks looking to recruit a couple of other inbreds.
  14. Lol, fucking non factors