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  1. Bring it back. This time we will do well We promise I believe in you and I understand why you did leave But here we are waiting for you back Currently - Playing Sublimity since "C5 - 2008"
  2. Opal, i just want to ask you Why.? That's all i want to know
  3. The picture say it all, i don't know if it's just me but i wanted to report it anyway.
  4. WB I have a new character for you.
  5. http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/f/fd/Doom_laugh_03.mp3
  6. Alpha: Alpha testing is an early stage of testing of a game. It’s usually done after a game just finishes being developed. It’s very common for games to be unstable in this stage, as the purpose of alpha testing is to iron out the “obvious” bugs and glitches. Closed: This stage of testing usually comes right after all the problems discovered in Alpha testing are fixed. Open Beta: means the server is released and available to the public. Anyone can register and download the game. In 95%+ of cases, there aren’t "characters wipe" Am i wrong? So now it's me who ask to you do you even understand what closed and open beta means?
  7. Closed Beta +1 I don't want something that fail in Open beta I'm not saying that it will because we know that opal is a GOD but we have a risk and it is best to test before launch.
  8. Well i use all Humans/Elf's class i've never touched a orc dwarf dark elf class except spellhowler. Ingame i will be Spellhowler*base*, duelist*main*, and GS.
  9. BurnFeelings


    Sure i will try tonight *I will watch some matrix movies* and maybe i will get inspired but you want a signature with background?
  10. BurnFeelings


    Add I play 1vs1 all characters. And only if we bet 2 Random rares.
  11. So sori i dint won hurt you so bad i wanted to posting a reply in the forum
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