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  1. Buffs Black Icon

    Stop using custom skillgrps
  2. I'll be streaming today due to some requests, no grind this time just foolin around :) https://www.twitch.tv/atbmephisto
  3. #ATB Group 2018

  4. #ATB Group 2018

  5. #ATB Group 2018

    Long time has passed,but we are back as always to our home - sublimity. Side not confirmed yet. Good luck to all.
  6. toyFactory 2018

  7. Just some thoughts

  8. Just some thoughts

    Sublimity is the only hope for that all , i dont care what features / rates / chronicle just bring it on asap
  9. Revival Update?

    Sublimity is the best server,but sadly sometimes Opal is thinking and listening too long from wrong people and taking questionable decisions
  10. L2Sublimity Memories

    Freyita core ATB