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  1. Resists.

    I got cancer re you are a joke.
  2. Resists.

    I am breaking it down for you because you are obviously incompetent of doing it yourself (feel depressed we used to play together at this point) or it seems you don't have the mental capacity to understand Your suggestion: 4 archers FULLY geared with CAT +bd +sws 6.5kx4=26k Holy shit that is insane Average Mage PT 7 mages even without epics average crit 5k (i am being SUPER generous here but anw) 7x5=35k / let me be even more generous and follow your suggestion; even though at this point we are going full retard. In order to comply with the lame setup you are recommending a PR loses additional 3 buff slots just to be able to take about 1.5k less dmg which in term also means having 140 run speed. OR no pdef buffs which means WLs will be able to stomp archers. Should I continue breaking it down or have you started to follow. Common sense really isn't that common. Just remember next time you jump into the game with your mage and go to orbis you are not good you are just on an OP class. get it through your thick skull
  3. Resists.

    you cant even do simple math yet you can predict the future. I applaud you as a few replies up you had it all figured out that all it takes is a few sacrifices that are too hilarious to even mention again.
  4. Resists.

    You do realise that the average mage pt has 2 bps and 7 mages that are capable of of doing average of 6-8k dmg on crit whereas an archer pt according to your logic should take 4 archers capable of up to 6.5k ( and that is IF all Archers have aq baium lvl3 augment on +14 bow and mastered shirt + CAT), its simple math. and guess what by the next update mages get an additional boost. this is hilarious.
  5. Resists.

    Do you not see where the issue is? bd/sws resists last 2 minutes. it means sacrificing pdef buffs isn't the only issue. it means sacrificing 2 slots in a pt. Its so easy to criticise ones play style without trying it yourself. Also never said anything about solo or anything. I pointed out Clear damage differences + rate to kill. My suggestion AGAIN is NOT to nurf mages but to balance BUFF duration Im done discussing this its not up to me.
  6. Resists.

    Have no idea who the hell deadcell3 is but realist.. Well I am flattered by your opinion and the fact that you believe the shit you are saying. Your main Pvp char is a mage, just an FYI you are not as good as you think , you are just rolling what is currently OP. Please enlighten me realist. please explain to me how it makes sense that an SPS with zerk gets hit from a pr with full boss set + aug lvl 3 + shirt for 6.5k MAX and that SPS hits back on the PR without Zerk for 7.5k 3 times in a row, and all that in a matter of 1-2 seconds (oh yeah in that amount of time incase you cannot do the math, an archer doesn't even manage to toss 1 arrow). Please Note. I am not asking for NERF on mcrit rate NOR any stat changes on mages or stat boosts on archers. I am requesting all buffs be 1 hour or at least 20 min. Mark in mind an archer CANT stack resists due to buff slot limitations. So what are you bitching about?
  7. Resists.

    You are retarded no offence
  8. Resists.

    uh yeah. your point is that a mage will crit 1in 3 for only 3k. so a mage will crit less than an archer as it was always intended? anw when you play both mage and archer you will clearly be able to see there is a clear balancing issue.
  9. Resists.

    so you are saying it makes sense for a pr fully geared + epics to crit for 6.4k on a robe and a mage to crit 7.5 (MINIMUM) on +6 jewels. Logic. Common sense isn't so common after all.
  10. Resists.

  11. Resists.

    Don't know how people find it normal that mages crit more than archers but anw (LITERALLY)(. Since mcrit rate has been changed twice by now and the server is no longer low/high rate status. I recommend you make resist dances/songs the same duration as npc buffs. Doing this will make it slightly more balanced and an sps wont kill opponent in literally 1 second. either that or make song of earth 1 minute lmao
  12. Machinegun.v3

    haven't seen fraps like this in a very long time. the first fight shouldnt be in the clip but the rest is really good;) nice work thugs and the rest;)
  13. lineage2gaming daily action

    Looking into this topic for 1 minute, is evident of how horrible the community of private l2 servers is and how it hasn't changed for as long as I can remember. You guys need to realise that for the past 2 years almost all servers I have seen you play on were OKAY servers (maybe not perfect but hey non will ever be) and you manage to convince people to quit within the first couple of days cause you don't always get what you want. Scathe you haven't even joined the server and you are being a stuck up prick.please let the people actually playing on the server criticise it rather than cluelessly making assumptions. Just because 3 idiots would kiss your feet and follow you off a cliff doesn't mean you are correct it means you have fanboys and that is as gay as it sounds. You can trash my prospective of things but deep down you know I am right. My 2 cents.

    guys just to point out something.. I like the idea in general but the bit with the location is where I have to disagree.. Indoor pvp is horrid.
  15. Bring it Back nigga!

    people thought you were dead or in deep shit, even your team had no idea where you were. dafuq