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  1. It's been a while since any new news on sublimity........is there any temp servers y'all are playing on that's similar to sublimity or better yet any that are worth playing until Opal reopens here? Getting sick of WoW, PS4, & Xbox one! Lol Thanks!
  2. Farewell Event - King of Sublimity

    Sad sad sad!! Farwell mates! It was fun while it lasted! Gonna miss it! Peace out! ????????????????
  3. How to buy donation coins in the game?

    So how to get donation coins?
  4. Installing Terra failed

    It installs until it gets to like 88% then it will pop message up "The installation of lineage 2 : Terra has failed. You can resume the installation at any given time." .......I hit install again and it does the same thing.
  5. Installing Terra failed

    install fail here as well :(
  6. Opal where the fuck are you nigga?

    getting tried of playing WoW NOW JUST BRING SUBLIMITY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Opal where the fuck are you nigga?

    we want sublimity back!!!!! Opal come on we know you can do it.......just ignore all the whining ass cry babies!!!!