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  1. redbull or monster pack for tonight?

    get monster and give me all bo4 codes
  2. #ATB Group 2018


    thats an EnvyUs logo....
  4. Welcome to Sublimity, clan rankings

    It is cringe to read any1 posting here that is still active atm. All of you above with your commitment over a dead game. Move on.
  5. Welcome to Sublimity, clan rankings

    It was this server I believe, no adrenaline, no scripts, no bullsh1t stuff that helped you win. AKA real l2.
  6. Before the balance patch i got critted 9k twice in a row within 0,3 second by 1 of your SPS on my WL with 2,7k m def/ele, dont tell me adding aqua guard would decress that dmg to 2k or so... (no zerk)
  7. u have the only polish cp in this comunity, get over yourself. ppl are laugin at you guys since u started crying all over the forum/discord.
  8. u did that with unbalanced classes, so no.
  9. Ofc because we were not playing mages when they were OP as fck. We could, but most of us dont like playing mages, so we didnt. And this is the only reason u won these fights. Right after we get good balance U loose and leave. -Facts-
  10. Resist buffs

  11. Another day of Humiliation - #ATB L2Sublimity

    ofc but u guys never include your destros in numbers u give.