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  1. No you weren't pal. There is absolutely no quote in your post, therefore you replied for the topic as a whole.
  2. Wow you should learn to read son, because this topic was created much earlier then the actual announcement.
  3. Hey there, I probably won`t get any admin or mod to reply to this, because they did not do it in the other topic about the same issue, but I want to try and raise awareness about it anyway. So the mana and SS prices are insanely high compared to things like S grade armor / weapon / jewelry. I spent more money on BSSC than on the actual full S grade set which is ridiculous. I get it, you want adena to be worth a lot, but all you are generating here is frustration. I`m in full S grade, I have decent amount of money and full custom soon and yet I turn off BSSS if I cast any non damage spell (heal) lol. It is insane. BAD DESIGN What`s the point of the low adena environment anyway? You could balance adena, no matter how much mobs drop. If you increase adena drop 100x and all the prices too, it will be almost (!) the same environment. It just feels better to look at your inventory and see 1kkk and not 100k. BAD DESIGN again. Did you ever study game design? Cuz it sure does not feel like it @OpalSnow Don`t frustrate us with incredibly high prices for consumables, what is the point? It`s not like we CAN`T afford them, it only generates a bad feeling in people. It`s game design theory and psychology. If you go out and farm in Varka, you get phoenix stuff it`s great, but in terms of adena you have 0 net gain. It feels so pointless and bad. At least explain why can`t you make SS infinite and mana pots cost 20 adena like cp pots? Make use of the adena gain in crafting custom armor, let`s say it costs X adena and the mats, so in the end I still spend the exact same amount, I`m just not frustrated by the consumables, but I feel good because I saved up money for an actual ACHIEVEMENT and PERMANENT ITEM. I don`t throw my money out of the window, but I gain POWER in PVP. I know nobody is going to read it and people will say "stop bitching", cuz they are ignorant.
  4. Man oh man are you an uneducated piece of crap. Beta is not FOR THE PLAYER TO TEST WEAPONS AND OLY LOL. It is for the DEVELOPERS TO SEE IF THINGS WORK PROPERLY.
  5. What`s br? And stop speaking Italian please
  6. Is venezuela a tribe in africa?
  7. EAZY mate xD got it? jk
  8. Why`d you send 4 what letters?
  9. Except when it has, right? Whaat?
  10. So this beta aint happening, right?
  11. Right, thanks I`ll give them a try
  12. That`s just it, I can`t close it.
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