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  1. update needs a eta at this point. I think if your going to promote you need to generate hype about these new features keep the community posted on your progress just hearing from you is enough you had guys like the above waiting two years so your coding skills are on point its the communication and help that need to be worked on I know this is your baby but you need more help active gms not just homies that log on to help forms but people who log on to do in game events to help with in game situations a gm who understands a language of your core main populace you also need to play the game run beta tests get community feedback on updates an find the middle path not just lop sided views but its ultimately your server you set the tone for it opal as a player i hope we see something soon from you my suggestion is small implements apposed to one big update with no communication on its progress
  2. is anyone getting hardcore lag?
  3. I'm pretty sure we would like a eta by now
  4. is the update this weekend or next?
  5. One of the main problems from the jump is early war i wasn't here but from what i understand a clan got things done faster then other clans once completed gear n all they raped those that where lacking behind if i know sp an most the cland on this server my guess is war happened too soon so the dominate clan got bored fraps there rivalry an creamed there opponents instead of letting them catch up they seen a new update got upset left uncontested Undisputed they declared victory an left. atb couldnt read adjust to changes an after multiple wins on the server they left only after changes that they wont admit where not to there advantage but reality is mages where op an needed on the server a balance change but they left not going with the flow. Since then on this server there are two alliances going at it but its difficult because of a time zone difference hopefully with summer ending an a new update to keep even solobplayers busy population will grow i think until we see a population increase stuff like ap an souls for the soul armor quest needs to be available at orbis one i also think multiple spawn points should be implemented in to orbis. But im here because honestly I realized after 3 outcomes on this server its not opal its are differences on this server that bring it down as also are time zone difference. So to resovle that we change how epics are done an how to keep the server happy we take a play book out of l2revenge opalsnow you need better active gms like l2revenge had that Howard might of been a gm in it for money but he was entertainment a radio station and more events with great prizes combined that with how you can do a server an bro your in there. I get tired of non gm activity an gms who havent even played l2 check your gms log hours make a quota for them to reach if you have to pay them 40$ the other option is to just add more automatic events within the server itself anyway im in it untill you shut it down we need that update asp tho because right now for most this is looking dead
  6. Lmao i like to see people get so Salty sea salty ill bring the pepper hold on 1# SA HT :)
  7. How many fortresses should be open? What should be the rewards for winning In tvt what should be the rules an game mode What should be the rewards

    Orbis rbs

    Make orbis 2nd floor have more chaotic raid bosses there are plenty of empty rooms in orbis


    Make it so every lvl 70-80 rb makes you flag like the boss on orbis
  10. JMURDA


    The weight limit needs to be fixed to either unlimited or alot more then what it is
  11. JMURDA


    You should advertise for the server
  12. antharas not spawning =(

  13. JMURDA


    Check proposition joe in cup of joe
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