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  1. Sadly this server wasn't fun (at least for me). It was nice to see you Wind, the only BD who PvP in a high rate server :D
  2. All Sublimity servers were focused for the big known clans. Never to small groups or solo players. In this one I've found soooo hard to level, infinity farming (even with not so many features), focused on making the server "last long". But at the end, the big clans reached the end game almost like a 100x server. Im not going to speak for anybody but myself, nowadays you got any game where you log and play. Maybe a little of farming/looting but in less than an hour you have played a match. Just check Twitch categories, Fornite, LOL, Dota 2, GTA Online, PUBG, FIFA 19. Thats what I mean.
  3. Narious stop crying your heart out.
  4. Only if you are new on this server/community you can be surprised about this my friend.
  5. Second song is awesome (nice remix)
  6. Diosmo

    Server hosted

    I have 114 now but it feels like 1000 :/
  7. I've noticed the same problem.
  8. Knowing Opal's servers it will be in no more than 2 weeks.
  9. So accept the facts PKing its a part of the game and at the moment lunargents are a must. So deal with it. (Before you reply something I was pked 2000 times there alone)
  10. Please enable selling low level stuff so we can get rid of it and make some adena. By the way, I like how you made adena worth here.
  11. Diosmo

    Level gap

    Are you planning to remove level gap? Thanks.
  12. Con la cuenta del foro te tenes que crear cuentas para el juego, no son automaticas. Si estas logueado en el foro anda a este link y crealas: https://www.l2sublimity.com/destiny/account
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