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  1. Mos vs Imperial Tomb

    There is plenty of factors that this is happening , but IT is empty and mos is always full. It might be the way each zone is categorized but everybody on the server seems to prefer Mos to Imperial Tomb. Is there any chance you are going to change Imperial Tomb to maybe a more wide area with more space other then just crowded tiny spaced rooms.
  2. FakeTaxi is now recruiting

    you guys still around?
  3. Community & Server Advertisment

    So i've been pretty inactive the last couple of days , and tonight the servers seems a bit down in terms of population. The community seems unstable and the server has no advertisment , Just wanted to ask you guys the staff , i was searching hopzone to find your server today and its nowhere to be seen. Why is that? dont you think you can attract some new people in the community?
  4. Clan Lvl 6 & Academy

    Hello there so i wonder whats the proper way to earn points in order to level up your clan from 5 to 6? Today i used the academy method in order to gain some points but when the player changed the 2nd occupation the clan itself earn 0 points , is this a bug? Or the only way to level up is by raids only? Thanks in advance.
  5. banned w/o bot WTF

    I have the same issue temporary suspended for illegal actions , i did nothing wrong here. Still wont work after updating.
  6. irritating (FIX THIS)

    not with 50 PK's
  7. irritating (FIX THIS)

    Im done with moonstones folks , im just stating thats its irritating that Blazing swamp is that crowded. Learn how to play? You 1 vs 5 solo players thats skill wow
  8. irritating (FIX THIS)

    If you been to blazing to swamp for solo farming moonstones , im sure you've noticed those latino's running up and down in gangs even having bishops with them to PK everyone. Aight i understand we all need nobless and since im not really hopefull they will stop doing this to the Solo players increase the pouch drop rate or something. One word ANNOYING
  9. Server is ordinary

    And what's your proposal on the perfect Lineage project? I was having a similar chat with a couple of people yesterday at golkonda , you understand quite well that this community the people , are us the same people played 10 years ago , but now older impatient and with less gaming time. I think there is no perfect server and there will never be , and even if by some miracle a perfect does exist or will exist. This community , the community of Lineage2017 will kill the server within months. You know why? Because people nowdays don't care about the experience anymore , they just want to exploit and get there first , RUSH into making nobless and sub class before others to prove their professional status within the community. The lineage we knew is over , deal with it and stop chasing ghosts , stop chasing that perfect server , THERE WILL NEVER BE ONE. You just grew up , got old in this game and now you are so sick of It that even if I bring out the best project tomorrow morning you will still find something to flame on. This is not Opal's fault he tried his best and his project is like 5x better then any other private you'll find out there. You just need to realize that's its just a game and enjoy it for as long as it's there , before it gets shut down like the thousands of servers in the last couple of years. WAKE UP! THIS IS THE END OF AN ERA
  10. Major Lag Spikes

    Anyone has the same problem? I freeze for like 10 secs every 3 - 5 mins , getting DC's also.
  11. I went to Athens last weekend

    Retarded. Period

  13. Reduce lag with a simple move!

    As you all already noticed Giran is sometimes a lag contest for us player's especially at hours when the server is fully populated , so yea my suggestion is to add 1 or 2 more scrolls for teleporting (Infinity) prefered towns (Rune , Aden , Goddard). So with that simple but yet efficient add we wont all be redirected into the same town and server will lag less , plus the towns i mentioned before will get more lively , also recommend adding some more NPC's in the current towns : Rune , Aden , Goddard.
  14. EvenRed is Recruiting!

    Bump x3 ignore spammers.
  15. EvenRed is Recruiting!

    Bump x2