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  1. Ant Queen

    +1 It was so intense
  2. @Opal

  3. BUG

    So much hypocrisy in this post. " do not blame a whole clan" Nokky did not blame the whole clan, he said people from alpha legion which is true. Dendi is clearly one of those. Btw I'm so surprised you are an archmage and he is a soultaker. Or Not. It happened at least three times with alpha legion members. Suddenly, an unflagged summon dies near someone while we're doing normal pvp + a group of AL rushing and picking up because they were totally aware of what was going to happen. "My clan has picked up like 4-5 weapons +10 or more by pk" including 2 after bug abuse.* (you forgot some words bro) "You should take care more of your char :S" dafuq you're talking about, there was nothing to take care about. "P.S. Sorry for your loss but blaming me or whoever might had been checking your room at that moment is really offensive.." AHAHAH Just hilarious. Anyways, GMs don't care about this so w/e you're still a shit player.
  4. Stragrath's L2Sublimity Promo

    It's nice that you tried to do everything yourself and I think you showed interesting features of the server. However, I don't understand the small screen thing either, and you're not the only one using it and I don't see why. It's not immersive at all and it doesn't really make me want to play. Your vid has a chance to win so gl
  5. Nokky's Sublimity Promo video.

    I'd say you you focused too much on the forum like other people said. At 1:47 you wrote Primaveral ^^ Otherwise gj and I like the music (especially after 0:53)
  6. Promotional movie by Tada

    Best one imo. Great and well used music, immersive etc.
  7. Promotional movie by Tada