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  1. I thought you was free from military duty when I read the title, lmao
  2. Force ppl to be competitive $$$$

    Lol didn't even think of that. I mean, russians can get away with it but I'm not so positive Opal can do it haha
  3. Force ppl to be competitive $$$$

    That's why I'm saying "Make it GM controlled & same gear" so we can take ppls money and they have 0 excuses
  4. Force ppl to be competitive $$$$

    PvP ranks and nWatch were so much fun. Make solo/clan PvP achievements and give ppl rewards for earning them
  5. The competitive aspect of the game is what made this game so fun back in the day. When people found out the most effective ways to win (zergs) the game lost its fun. I see you are still trying/struggling to have a stable community so I have an idea for you: Force people to be competitive. Make PvP tournaments every weekend for money (18v18, 9v9, whatever). GM controlled, same gear, paid registration. Winner takes some % and GMs take the rest. Noone cares about mass pvp anymore because whoever abuses broken shit or zergs the most wins. But I can totally see these tournaments brining flame wars back, competition and thus life to this community. I believe you overcomplicate yourselves trying to bring new stuff to an old community that doesn't really care anymore. Throw the money factor in - that'll make a boring game fun outta nowhere. Just like throwing dice or playing cards. PvP counters, epics and castles have got 0 value right now, thats why ppl quit. /rant
  6. One last fraps

    best arab player in l2 history.. sadly that's not a great accomplishment considering Allacros is your only competitor, lol jokes aside, good player, cool guy! c u around
  7. Never ever have I seen so many text walls on an L2 forum. You guys seem to enjoy it a lot. To me it looks like GM's are overthinking their shit.. too many features/work in paper for what ended up being another 1 (or 2?) week server. Imho you should try going the russian way, make things simpler and just open a regular bug-less server. This entire situation seems to be no good for any of you.
  8. L2 Sublimity - favelaSociety - Baium PvP

    - Muy poco pvp (el video podria durar 2 minutos) - No se ven los daños :(
  9. Dagger unbalanced as fuck

    No need to be mad. I'm not trying to impress you, just telling you that you're flat out wrong and you don't even know the basics of this game such as buffing properly. You don't need to do a lot of damage, you need to land your debuffs.
  10. Botting: Allowed or Not?

    Do you think it gets better in higher chronicles? Because it doesn't. A scripted doombringer can do ridiculous stuff in mass pvp.
  11. Dagger unbalanced as fuck

    You have Magnus AND zerk on top of it. What'd you expect?
  12. Cavaliers vs Warriors

  13. As a native Spanish speaker I feel bad for my South American and Spanish fellows that don't speak English. These people amount to a decent percentage of the community and they shouldn't be overlooked. I offered myself as a translator back in the day but didn't get any response. Hopefully you'll get this fixed by the launch date.
  14. recruit me

    Better yet, bring Storm back, so he and YTP can discuss who's a better 1v1 player (on daggers ofc)
  15. what up Rei

    SHITTT I was thinking the same but got too lazy to make a post about it.