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  1. What happened to all the good leaders?

    3 weeks b grade #wemadeyouquit
  2. What happened to all the good leaders?

    and you guys left :P
  3. What happened to all the good leaders?

    he is talking about your side
  4. Future

    54 was our Max cc do your maths
  5. Future


    They couldn’t come through us
  7. Maj

    Fix maj main leather armor drop rate wtf is this shit...
  8. Duel Might

    fix this fast
  9. Why people are not spamming? Lets do dis!

    There is not that much to save on the server but yeah there will always be someone who won’t stay at the numbers so the same drama will come up again ..
  10. More action/suggestion

    How about you bring more action for the days that have no epics? You could put a semi epic in a nice area for example no extreme drops maybe something like AA, or fragments, BEWS OR maybe a random armor full drop ? Just something to make it worth gatherings groups to pvp or clans
  11. #ATB Group 2018

    noone cares stfu pls <3
  12. Can I just point out...

    I don´t think it will even open :P