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  1. One of the reasons for the zergs

    As i said, not defending him. But anyone can clearly see whats going on. I played bp for ngu today, and not 1 person in the pt died to single target damage from either of your mage or archer pts. They died to wl stun and aoe, and maybe that 1 destro u had who was free hitting everyone cuz we had 0 cc. But, thats his problem.. and he guna fix it i think, so dont be shocked tomorrow or next epics when u see what we talking about. Cuz like i said above, these guys can do everything more organised and more effectively than both sh4rks and cf can.
  2. Epic Control

  3. R1P

    Aha i see. The 2 or 3 br monkeys playing with ytp are mad cuz they lost baium to ppl who stopped playing l2 in 2009. LoL
  4. R1P

    Someone who speaks monkey wana let the rest of us know what this topic is about?
  5. Epic Control

    ?? Your tripping.. havent played since first hours of the server. Stay delusional.
  6. The King has Returned

    Turn and run merc, not worth the time.
  7. Epic Control

    Werent u sucking his dick like a week ago?
  8. Epic Control

    U remember the apes we were 9 v 18ing at end of last server? Hes bragging about beating them. XD
  9. Ddos

    Opal, gimme boss set or u never open server. Name in game will be OdaTehHoe
  10. [SGC] - Side - HLTV Confirmed.

    There is a 2 page word doc that would beg to differ..
  11. #ATB Group 2018

    Your grinder account get banned or what mephisto?
  12. lf cp/clan or duo

    And im the black woman from "Law and Order"..
  13. MrPro, Mayor of interlude

    Ya, big bucks according to ytp xD. then again, you dont have to be that impressive to impress a 15 year old girl..
  14. MrPro, Mayor of interlude

    Tell your admin friend to stop deleting my posts. lol
  15. Can I just point out...

    That there is legit no fucking info about this server? xD Shit opens in 10 days... 0 fucking info. Have fun with that, guna be a bigger flop than last year..