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  1. Yeah, about that, there are always rumors of rigging in these types of games.
  2. Man, looking back, it was a surreal time.
  3. I always wanted to learn about trade. No time to learn it somehow though.
  4. Man, this was the game I missed.
  5. Well, it was indeed a strange set to begin with.
  6. Is it in full Greek? Or are you just happy to see me?
  7. Nope, none that I know of.
  8. TonusTony


    Shit posters will always be shit posters. It isn't a gaming community, I guess, without at least one of them.
  9. TonusTony

    2.5 VS 6 PTS

    Well, this didn't age well.
  10. TonusTony


    Hahaha! Tomb raider? Seriously? I enjoy the original ones better than the "Uncharted wannabe" games they've released with the female Nathan Drake in it.
  11. TonusTony


    Man, I could play this game all day. Such an amazing title!
  12. TonusTony


    They both are good games, to be honest. No need to be condescending towards the other. Everyone can love both games.
  13. Time flies, time flies indeed. It is now 2020.
  14. TonusTony

    tF resigns

    Another toxic guy, I see.
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