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  1. I think you should send this to Assange. Some really good shit there.
  2. Evered / 9th

    Mimic <3. It was awesome meeting you dude. Top notch guy!
  3. Movie - Random Dagger Pvps

    What software do you use for automatic CP potions usage?
  4. easiest siege ever

    It's pathetic that you think because we won, we dick-held. Had you won, could we not claim that you dick-held? Would it be true? Think about it, if you had won that means that SA interrupted the cresting of tig3r/favela, and tig3r/favela interrupted SA. And the funny thing is that, according to your definition of dick-holding, SA could claim you dick-held tig3r/favela, but so could tig3r claim that you dick-held SA/favela and favela claim that you dickheld tig3r/SA. Your definition of dickholding is a function of whoever mentions it. A very loose definition. lol. Regarding your hate for the smallest side winning the siege: Saturday, on giran's siege, you were the smallest side yet you had the castle for some time. Had you won, would it be "unfair because they're the smallest side"? PS: There was a point when you were killing AQ that tig3r, favella and SA fought. Therefore, you dick-held on AQ. \s
  5. .

    .... This to say that ShadowAngels is recruiting. Pm crT or any other SA member and they'll point you in the right direction.
  6. .

    hehe. Here we go again...
  7. i was there, somewhere, playing under your leadership, as always. Good times. Hopefully such good times are still to come.
  8. Status update?

    You mean OpalSnow for shitting on everyone that donated?
  9. OMG a yellow post...

    lol mate, he cannot. It's too hard to do that. Right now, even fixing a typo would be too much for OpalSnow. People started playing this server with a good opinion about OpalSnow ("Come join Sublimity, OpalSnow is a great admin"). Nowadays the talk is "OpalSnow is such a bad admin, even L2J servers are better". There's tons of 20mins fixes that could improve the server so much, but ya, we've OpalSnow as admin, sadly..
  10. OMG a yellow post...

    I don't remember that happening! I barely played yesterday. Some of my clan members have my account, so ya, blame them!
  11. OMG a yellow post...

    Yes, a yellow post saying that we've no updates this week nor did we get any update last week. So ya, 2 weeks without any update, hurray!
  12. Status update?

    This is retard.
  13. GG Aden

    You were allied with tig3r and that is a fact. If you deny it, you're a goddamn lier and there's really no point in continuing the conversation. I saw you countless times with tig3r and not hitting them and they not hitting you back.