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  1. I'm back from Norway - Poopkie pussied out

    why people like them still live? waste of oxygen.
  2. Paintball

    anyone playing?? speedball or tactical?
  3. Bow down to King Polack Lewandowski

    yes but Lewa did it faster + Berbatov has scored 5 goals too
  4. Bow down to King Polack Lewandowski

  5. [Serious Topic] Social Anxiety

    asking for attention in 2015
  6. Barcelona vs Juventus - Champions League

    αν ηταν βαζελος θα ελεγε Berg> CR+Messi
  7. Barcelona vs Juventus - Champions League

    i cried when maestro cried ((((((
  8. SGC 2015

    i've never been so insulted in my life. @ytp yes im a random!!
  9. SGC 2015

    that comming from you??? gimme a break son
  10. TELEMARKETER? ? ? ?

    sup frand where hav you been?
  11. TELEMARKETER? ? ? ?

    is this deidei from baconland?
  12. where is the clan dhz?

    look at your mom's bedroom you can find us there hammerfall for sho he loves grannies