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  1. Just go to the flaming section. It's where the cool shit happens now.
  2. They only bring that up when it's about vaccines, but don't you dare touch their adult candy.
  3. Have they really went on the rise or did society start accepting them as a fact? Not so long ago people were still thrown in asylums to be forgotten. What's truly sad is all that prescription medication for whatever obscure mental illness that (mostly) the US downs like candy.
  4. Why would you study psychology when you live in a country that only remembers the existence of mental disease when some crazy fuck murders their kid or whatever? Then again, what does an engineer do in Greece lol. Racist remarks aside, society has changed so much during the last -say- 30 years, that there's no comparison. Lets go back to hating now, shall we?
  5. Weren't you an engineer or something? Did you study psychology of buildings?
  6. Hero tournament

    I'm not going to argue with that. It's certainly a thing they've got to do. I was insinuating that HT was a monthly event because they were understaffed or lazy or maybe even both to do it more often.
  7. Hero tournament

    It's because HT gives a chance to anyone really that it had such huge attendance. Gotta be a pain in the ass for the staff to host it every 2 weeks thus the one month HT period. Still, it would be pretty cool if it were every 2 weeks.
  8. LF CLamz

    @iPoDDyFROMPAKISTAN This forum needs more of you.
  9. Hero tournament

    It was the way to get hero instead of olympiad. Class based 1v1 knock out matches. Last person alive got the hero for a month. Seriously? It was once a month for holy hell's sake.
  10. Chicken group

    How exactly are you fucking her? With your arse?
  11. Chicken group

    Thought obvious troll is obvious. Seems trolling is hard to understand for mentally handicapped nationalist turds. I shit on people like you whether they are of Serbian or Albanian descent. Human trash.
  12. Hello im sinastara

    Holy fuck this turned into a shit fest fast.
  13. SGC

    You don't even know what fascism is. This conversation is pointless. Modern Greece was never truly independent.
  14. SGC

    I know my taxes went up and social benefits for poorer people went down since this so called leftist Tsipras was elected. I know his politics are the same kind as those of his right-wing predecessors and I know Greece has suffered from the civil war, but it also suffered from right-wing cunts far more and for far longer and refuses to even acknowledge that fact. Since history ain't your thing, how is it that you always know better?