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  1. @OpalSnow Pin all these guides from Outside so people can find them easy or make links to his guides from update posts.
  2. @Opal @Rei @Landion can add Exilium weapons like old exile with stages S1-S9. Raid Tokens They should be more useful than just a currency for Phoenix weapons! Raid tokens could be useful for purchasing Blessed scrolls too. For example 1 Raid token for 1 blessed scroll, eggs for clan skills or something likes that. World Boss Will spawn 1 or 2 times per month and there will be announcement of the random territory that spawn without window. No chaotic era, just flag if you hit it. Maybe has 2 times the HP of Antharas or Valakas and small regen of HP so peopl
  3. 80$ for +14 weapon? Each new server the donate enchant get lower... For +17 to +16 and now +14. About armor? 120$ for +6 phoenix? There is no way. I have donate on all sublimity servers but in this, i don't think...
  4. We have to re-enable SS to work again after update. Problem still exists
  5. It's good idea but PI need to change like it was on old exile, so people can finish the quest in 1 week.
  6. There is already a Ton of pages with ideas! Some are nice, some belong to another kind of server, some are incomplete, and some are really great! But most of all... Every single freaking idea and suggestion in all these Tons of pages, have one reason. To improve our Experience in this server! Having this in Mind, and knowing that most of you, are already tired of reading -arguing -posting your side, in any subject and any problem, the following Post was created! That will make you do exactly the same!!! You can say it's a "Sum up" of ideas, from old players -not only of L2 players - but
  7. Follow up post with detailed explanations. check our main post. All Epic Rb's LvL 80! All Epic Jewels S Grade! Respawn time for some of them should be reconsidered! - To be perfectly honest, i expect a lot of skepticism and negative reaction in this! - Since it's a high rate server, the need for Epics is increased. Considering that in high rate servers, many players quit easily (might come back after a while, or never) You cannot count on them to "pass on" their Epics to the rest of the community, even their own clan mates! Older and Bigger clans will always be a step ahead from the sma
  8. Follow up post with detailed explanations. Check our main post PI Needs to be useful again as an Area! Drops should be reconsidered. Boosted Xp & Sp! (ofc!!!) PI is already there, with drops that matter but, for some reason, fewer and fewer players’ everyday choose to go there. One of the main reasons is, that the mobs hit so hard, that PvP simple, cannot take place there! Mobs should have more HP and maybe more defenses, but their overall Pattack must be reduced! A Lot! Not saying to make them easy , but right now we PvP with mobs, considering the damage... and enemies pass us by a
  9. Follow up post with detailed explanations. Check our main post New Party Area A new party Area is needed, like PI, but instead of farming Eggs, you will farm AP's! Again like stated in *No5*, all classes should be useful! Along with Ap's you can also farm, the rest of the Pi drops in that area, with the difference that there will be no Weapon drops! Instead, you will have Key Materials for Phoenix Armors as DROPS and recipes (same drop rate as in EF)! NO SPOIL WHATSOEVER!!! (For those that don't like to spoil and prefer to play, farm and PvP in groups!) It's a second Party Area, you just cho
  10. Follow up post with detailed explanations. Check our main post New Solo Area I believe a Catacomb (choose one of the BIG ones) should be appropriate as the next solo area after Elven Fortress! "After", because it would be harder (mobs will be tougher) and for most classes it would be imperative to be already equipped with Phoenix Armor to be able to farm there! Again, NO SPOIL!!! I can't stress enough the Importance of it!!! Catacombs are great for solo Farming, and solo PvP’s! (Those Spoilers made it disappear from Key locations!) Certainly the area has to be available all the time and hav
  11. Follow up post with detailed explanations. Check our main post Subclasses Restrictions. Another "sensitive" matter for most of you, I’m sure. But do we really need all these restrictions? 1) Let's begin with the number of subclasses a single character can have. Why only three? Does it really ruins the game if a character can have more? Not all... just more. If someone wants more fighting classes, or more mage classes? Why create another character? Why not been able to have all these classes to one character and change in them depending on the situation? 2) Does it make any differen
  12. Follow up post with detailed explanations. Check our main post WORLD BOSS ! Hello, L2 Community ! I understand that most of you, will find this , Not an L2 feature! You might have seen it in other Games, but not in Lineage 2. However, considering that is 2014 ...!!! It's time for some changes!!! And what better environment for changes, than L2 Sublimity, where you already know that, more complicated things have been already implemented, Years ago !!! A World Boss tougher than Antharas and Valakas combined! That does not spawn at the same location... So you can't camp it...!!! A World Bos
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