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  1. u just had to give hush like 500 dollars as gift on paypal and u would have another nice server with donation:)
  2. its going down fo rreal tururu tutururtururtutru
  3. xd pay or not to pay. thats the question
  4. yea i dont play so some1 else sell
  5. last time when server had 150 ppl i sold epics for 1k
  6. all i know is that u guys just wait for new exile which is the worst version of sublimity. fact not opinion.
  7. my phrase on title, thats first, 2nd, what this video shows? tf? and last, exile is the worst version of sublimity, 40k hp cp.
  8. go check aq right now and stop that bullshit we need to take care of everybody, if samurai cant login its his problem, 1 person out of 200 is not a big deal
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