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  1. BeoNy

    Sublimity 2020

    save our lifes
  2. BeoNy

    9 pts?

    Não vejo problema algum em mostrar os números, agora, feio mesmo é falar sem saber!!!
  3. BeoNy

    9 pts?

    more, primeiramente você sabe se a EPN e a Loyalty estão jogando? Pois bem, eles não estão mais jogando. Meet him on Latin!!!! E a proposito, o Kedusz estava no meu lugar na CC principal, e só havia uma PT mago no game. Atentem-se no próximo! Não é porque usamos o mesmo TS que significa que todos especialmente estão neste server ou game.
  4. BeoNy

    9 pts?

    I think you need a pair of glasses https://imgur.com/a/IOfeUi6
  5. I should agree with you but I've posted without any intention. Was raining so much when I frapses and I my FPS was significantly oscillating cause of the connection. xx
  6. That's the fact even they get sabotaged...like ppl did on the last Antharas.
  7. Have u won because we went as much more then you but we aren't alliance so we all get stucked onto that shit. I also know that people did pvps outnumbered but me as myself, like today, I really do saw a purpose. If u see that u are making a mistake like we did with Sh4rk because they wouldn't have any argument to leave with our alliance, but anyways, we broke it up seeing as u would do the same. There's no reason for keep pvping like this!
  8. In this daily pvp quest, all the party should be rewarded obviously with some counterpoint like a full pt needed. It's a great idea to + within on this 'Daily Mission'.
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