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  1. shirts and olympiad

    Hi, will shirts work at Olympiad?
  2. lifestones

    Hi, there is a bug, active p.attack from augmentation doesnt work with passive p.attack augmentation
  3. Fishing

    So, how to do fishing? Any information? From GMs or?
  4. Epic shift. Burned out

    GUYS, WHY DO YOU SHIFT VALAKAS RESP TO THE NEXT DAY? IT IS NORMAL FOR LINEAGE IF EPICS RESP WINDOWS ARE AT THE SAME TIME. WHY DO YOU INTERRUPT GAME PROCESS? AND YOU DO IT TWICE. THIS IS THE SENSE OF THIS GAME. It had to resp yesterday, Then you had moved it to morning, then you have moved it to evening. Wtf guys!? Whole our side is from Europe.. and you move it to comfortable time for SA time zone. This is not tolerant, not honest. Impossible to play. Burned out.
  5. Fishing

    Hi, guys. Does anyone know, how fishing works on this server? I haven't even found how to learn fishing skills... Thanks^^
  6. All party members are nobless, +6 +7 weapons S grade. We are looking for active clan, but not zerg. We want to make balance between sides on the server. You may do offers here or in game. p.s. we are russians, In game PM Europe, sorry.
  7. Assist and Next target issue

    Hi, I've found very strange (this is abnormal to have such common things not working) bugs... assist and next target do not work at all. Please, fix it.
  8. Fix high ping for EU players

    There are a lot of players from EU playing on this server and I'm among them. I think they are more than 30% of all players. And they all have issues with ping... its average value is more than 100 - 150 ms. It affects comfortable playing so when you click mouse and wait 0.5 sec until character moves. My suggestion is to make proxy for EU players. I think most of players will be happy. Thanks in advance.
  9. PA/RUNES/etc qquestion

    I'm new on this server and I have a question... Are there any exp/sp runes or any premium account on this server? Haven't found any information. Thanks in advance.
  10. quentions

    Are there any exp/sp runes or any premium account on this server? Haven't found any information. Thanks in advance.