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  1. Hey man, I just wanted to say I'm sorry the server didn't go as planned, if you decide to re-launch a new one sometime next year just know me and a lot of friends will come back. Next time try to cater to the "randoms" not to organized groups those guys just want to rush and dominate for the first month and then leave. Don't be scared of the "Java" looking features, automatic events, accessories, micro-transactions, etc. I sure have great memories from Exile, and with Destiny I was able to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Thanks for the fun, Merry Christmas.
  2. PvP was really fun at QA gz to PA!
  3. This a Status seeking type of game. Appeal to that smartly and you will always have people playing your server.
  4. Concerning promotions: Publish fraps on facebook / youtube. Incentivize prople to Stream in Twitch and Youtube, give them streamer status (Just make a cosmetic exclusive to Streamers). Have them featured in the website. There is a lot that can be done.
  5. This will always happen in all servers, we need more people that's it, I think adjusting donations is still important, the most people that play this game are Greeks, Russians and Brazilians, they are not going to consider a server where to get top gear donated you need $60-$90, you need to appeal to that market. I still stand about adjusting donations: $10 for cosmetics, $15 for 7 day exp/drop boosts, $30 for top gear, $50 for +10 weapon, and make this donations coins trade-able so it moves the economy. Lowering price of level 80 100% to $10. Lowering price of Subclass to $15. Lowering Nobles status to $20. We also need better daily PvP, make all raids +67 to be 75-80 and make all those zones chaotic and better drops, increase the chance to drop A/S grade stuff so people actually go there. We need PvP incentives, a weekly ranking with cosmetic rewards. Color name change (Don't know if possible in L2Off). This is nothing crazy stuff. If then people come you can think about punishing Zergs. First we need real zergs.
  6. I think an L2j server from OpalSnow will be the best server for years to come, we need randoms and daily PvP at all times, we need daily automatic events, we need better donations: think $10 for cosmetics, $15 for 7 day exp/drop boosts, $30 for top gear, $50 for +10 weapon, and make this donations coins tradeable so it moves the economy. I think $90 donations are too much for the bigger part of the community. Copy what works. I see no new people coming here. Maybe it's time to change the formula, maybe people don't care about L2Off but more about features they can enjoy.
  7. Well said, there are some people who play as if they want to prove something and forget to have love for the game or a stable community , it can be achieved still there are some good leaders around. In CF the leaders discuss in a daily basis how to balance sides, I think baium today was 3 sided with NGU taking the victory, we were in equal numbers with them. Unknowns side lacks numbers they should recruit a few, we'll have 3 sides with some good pvp to come. There are some CP's around to recruit. Don't cry over the spilled milk. I can say honestly say that CF wants to have a healthy fun server with multiple sides playing.
  8. Opal said its getting fixed in the topic I made before
  9. At this drop rate we'll get one done for the side by next summer
  10. Mages need their Magic Crits, that's their edge.
  11. When will this be available?
  12. Add automatic daily PvP events that reward event tokens, enough with russian roulette.
  13. Does it mean that colorful systemmsg and skillgrp are illegal now? Please clarify GM!
  14. Get your facts straight, nobody was dickholding against you it was basic strategy that you lack for what I was able to see, that's a fact. Also it seems like you asked for competition when you GOT, didn't win first 2 QA and 1st Zaken, you got them by pure dumb luck because you happened to have nobless, that's another fact, and now you are crying because you got destroyed once competition actually shows up.
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