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  1. Online

    According to a random player perspective: We left because there was no pvp. The server needed a chaotic solo area desperately and Staff didn't even care to answer posts talking about it. I, personally, left because of low population (no ppl = no pvp). As I said, I never got into any clans, but I had some fun killing ppl in solo area and now that's gone. You guys may not like randoms like me and my friends, but we were a big part of the server back then. So I guess listening to solo/random players should also matter. I'm not trying to start anything, I'm just answering the original question.
  2. My suggestion for new updated

    J U S T M A K E S O L O C H A O T I C Z O N E ! ! !
  3. Leveling up shirts issue

    I gave the heavy armor shirt example for a reason. And besides that, ppl should play with what they like and not create subs just to farm 1 single item! Creating a mage to farm full armor/jewelry/weapon/SA is one thing, now to farm a damn shirt? WTF @OpalSnow , pls fix this!
  4. wait wait wait

    1 thing we all agree tho, Opal gotta make leveling shirts possible for all classes!
  5. Leveling up shirts issue

    If you are mage you won't have any problem leveling up shirts, considering that 90%+ random parties are composed of mages. Now I ask: what the hell should I do if I want to level up heavy or even light armor shirts? I'm saying that no one will ever invite a glad/dagger/warlord/etc to farm in party zone which makes pretty impossible for non mage/archer classes to level up shirts! Make solo area level up shirts too, or just remove the requirement of having a shirt equipped to level it up, so ppl could buy heavy one and have it in inventory while farming with mage in pt zone. Don't fu**ing tell I will have to level up/gear up a TANK JUST TO LEVEL UP MY HEAVY ARMOR SHIRT, thats dumb!
  6. donation

    I hope not Mr. Donator.
  7. donation

    Safe enchantment is for 9000x java servers, just don't! And besides, people are complaining about party area all the time because they can't get the right materials and such, now imagine their reaction if donation shop starts selling full grade s stuff out of the bat. Just think about it.
  8. Barakiel Chest please !

    I read the post, third paragraph says: Chaotic zone = pvp. I know this is not ur first/ideal suggestion, but still... I kinda agree with the chest thing tho.
  9. Barakiel Chest please !

    People need nobless bro, you want pvp? Ask for chaotic zone farm, that does miracles trust me
  10. More action/suggestion

    We just need CHAOTIC ZONE FARM! There is enough clan/full-party related content already.
  11. Well, I guess GMs didn't know subs were coming with d. inspiration 4 after all, so I ask of you after fixing the subs ADD D. INSPIRATION 4 on npc, that's essencial.
  12. Seven Signs (7s) and CP pots

    @OpalSnow @Burst @Cole Please answer the post!
  13. Debuffs 100%

    don't cry mate, you are probably wearing b grade jewelry vs AM+3/4. Of course debuffs wil land... If want to avoid bluff's stun use resist shock. You're welcome.
  14. I don't know if it's a bug, but it should be considered as one anyway. It simply doesn't make any sense having to buy divine inspiration books for main class while sub classes are born with d. inspiration lvl 4 right of the bat. I mean GMs could have simply talked about it in the feature list and I wouldn't have spent my adena with such books, I would simply level up a sub class and play it as my main. Now it's too late. Please, either remove d. inspiration 4 from subs or add for main classes too! Thank you. @OpalSnow @Burst
  15. Server off??

    yeah login is down