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  1. lili

    burn pc

    Hello lads Misiekk here in game . I need to buy new pc for streaming any nice deals you have around ? Please sent me the link so i can decide faster and come back before people will have +16 s grade x[
  2. it must be look at your website form your report in the email its not real sooo much kiddo cant have fun so will try to destroy someone else fun , ehhh i'm waiting for twitch to get back about that person and will try to go forward with that , ATM PLEASE find me at : https://www.twitch.tv/lili_live
  3. so i understand here is some littel kid who has 0 twitch views so he is just download bot report and trying to report all l2sublimity streams so his can stay on main site hahaha ?
  4. is maybe anyone else understand this different way as i do ? may i misunderstand that email ? that s all what i got from them cant log in to account no one else would stream on my account as i had pc on 24/7 , i don't really get it , especially when i said to my self after good few hours fook it i do it another one no name like i did before , no chat bots, no description etc. and i cant create the new account ...
  5. Hello Lads ! Thank you all my friends for support but today when i was getting ready to start stream wanted to post some extra info about l2sublimity on chat /name of stream and i got BANNED BY L2OFFICIAL THIS IS THE EMAIL I RECEIVED , its heart breaking as i was not doing any harm to anyone just having fun with other new <3 people and new friends .... its been very nice to stream for you my friends for 3 day with no break no sleep and just L2 FUN LOVE IT we had today 100 online on the start of the stream !!!!! .... i will post you soon when i get idea if i will continue stream on different site/yt site ;( </3 or just give up SEE BELOW for EMAIL I RECIVED JUST NOW FROM twitch.tv Dear streamforfree: We’ve received a notice of alleged copyright infringement with respect to your account. Here are the details: Alleged Infringing Content: www.l2sublimity.com START 17:15 COME AND SAY HELLO <3 at https://www.twitch.tv/streamforfree created on Mon, 19 Nov 2018 17:24:44 UTC Other Removed Copies of Alleged Infringing Content: Copyrighted Work: Lineage II Copyright Claimant: NCSoft Copyright Claimant Contact Email: [email protected] As a result of this notice, the allegedly infringing content and other copies of the allegedly infringing content have been removed from Twitch. If the claim was against live content, your account has also been suspended for 24-hours. Finally, a copyright strike has been issued against your account. You currently have 0 copyright strike(s) on your account. Twitch complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), and Twitch’s own copyright policies, available at DMCA Guidelines. If you believe your content has been taken down as a result of mistake or misidentification, please submit a valid Counter-Notification by following all the requirements in our DMCA Guidelines. If you would like to reach out to seek a retraction from the copyright claimant, please contact them directly. Further details are also available in ourDMCA Guidelines. Under the DMCA, we are required to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers. To avoid any further copyright strikes, please take a moment to clear your account of any potentially infringing content and refrain from sharing any unauthorized content on Twitch in the future. If this is your third copyright strike, your account is now terminated. Additionally, circumventing penalties placed on your account, including account suspension or termination, is prohibited by Twitch’s Community Guidelines. Any new accounts you create will also be suspended or terminated. Sincerely, Twitch Staff
  6. lili

    stream 24/7 since start

    Hello lads ! Please come to join my stream to build this super community ;) im in the middle of creating Chat bot that would give away some free giveaway on our server little gifts and also some donated items from my server for viewers ;) 1 min on live stream = 1 adena , 10 words on stream is 1 adena SHOP on stream very soon you will be able to buy items from donate shop l2subilimity just for visiting my stream FREE FOR YOU
  7. Come to say Hello ;) https://www.twitch.tv/streamforfree
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