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  1. To OpalSnow

    I'm starting to realize he's doesn't give two shits about the server and his community. OPAL, you disappointed big time and you won't be getting another dime from Phoenix guild, ever. What a fucking joke this is
  2. To OpalSnow

    Before closing I recommend that you give it a last chance with phoenix armor update. If people won't come back then I'll rest my case.
  3. LF Clan - English Speaker

    You are welcome to join Phoenix anytime friend. PM Kajla
  4. Online

    You and the rest of the braindead clan leaders fucked it up. First, you zerq.. then you notice that no side is strong enough to challenge, you start crying and whining how there is not enough people playing and that you are the best clan.. other sides goes bananas and start inviting random people to be a match for your russian numbers.. but all in vain since your left ally and quitted. The story repeated itself till there was no guild left playing. So get this; You greeks never understood the concept of fair play & sportsmanship, all that matters to you are the drops and you don't give a shit if you destroy the server in the process. That's who you are. And how very hypocritical you are for saying you tried to fix the community when you were the ones destroying it in the first place. Now stop spreading news the server is dead and leave already before I get eye cancer from all this bullshit and hypocrisy.
  5. Hows the server?

    It has its ups and downs. Don't get discouraged by others, I guarantee you will find your place if you enjoy the game. :)
  6. Online

    Clans left because CF & SoloMid clan zerqed the shit out of this server and basically took every raid (especially grand bosses) for themself. Everything else you said is irrelevant. It takes some time to get top gear (even with clan party it took us weeks to get it), but that is not the reason popularity had dropped.
  7. PTzone

    kmet! prvo pozerqate server, pol delate side-e vsi zajebani kao bomo rešl server, nakonc pa emo quit kao server dead. as ti zihr da nis grk? as I was saying, Phoenix clan party will endure till the end also. I hope staff hears our calls for a fast phoenix armor update so hopefully all the maxed players come back to play.
  8. Olympiad

    I'm wondering when will you close this weeks period, so we can check the ladder?
  9. Server hosted

    It is playable but I too feel the delay.
  10. Stay authentic

    All these people suggesting all sorts of stuff.. I kindly remind you to stay loyal to your own design & vision. You haven't let us down so far and we are enjoying your features. Regards,
  11. Interface - we need it!

    Fantastic. Thank you.
  12. Interface - we need it!

    Hello staff, I've noticed that you set up interface from L2Classic and I love it. But you forgot the most important part. Can you please give us the option to set our hotkeys also on 1, 2, 3.. buttons? Thanks for your time