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  1. [CLAM]unKnownZ

  2. see you all in the future

    Who are you
  3. To OpalSnow

    Since long time ago this server needed a completely new look, some people argue that Opal commited the same mistakes from the past, but I prefer to say that he commited the same (old) features from the past instead, we already tasted all of what his servers offers, nothing new to experiment neither to look at, this includes new textures to armors/weapons, etc.
  4. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    People wanted HT, others wanted Oly's, personally I prefer HT regardless of how boring it may turns by the time this event takes
  5. Some Suggestions

    Again EF? I always believed that sublimity needs to refresh how it looks to the community in various aspects and the farming zone is one of those. What every server really needs is to keep the people entertained everyday (24/7) hosting any type of pvp/random event without the need of a GM looking onto it, yes... I know this is a Java feature but at the end that kind of stuffs always makes any server fun. (I really miss that Blitz event we had long time ago, I think that was the name)
  6. My suggestion for new updated

    Also make AA worth for something else, it's value has decreased a lot
  7. olympiad start time

    Yes but not a majority. At the end there's no way to please everybody 100%
  8. As everybody may have noticed, these skills occupies a buff slot making imposible to stay fully buffed when you are PVEing or PVPing... Probably not an extremely important bug, but this gets really annoying some times
  9. Crafter levels

    Or maybe he is Narious-like
  10. dances/songs

    Yes, it's different from the "NPC" buffer regardless.
  11. dances/songs

    Those are buffs from some dancer o singer in your party
  12. Server hot news

    This was the open beta that the server needed from the beggining, tomorrow the true journey will begin
  13. ProEvolution

    @Kartex Location: Barquisimeto - Vemeziela