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  1. Sjipz0r

    Sublimity 2020

    yes +1 oben server
  2. except for sublimity 2014 when you quit cause we beat u a few times even before donations were out yall lasted like 1 week that server, imagine how much fun it woulda been had u stayed :(
  3. SGC only shows up full force on servers where there is likely to be 0 competition?? coincidence???? :^)
  4. join discord and flame this nigger
  5. 100% no way the server opens the hour they say it will ;)
  6. stay tuned for the next episode of L2 Sublimity!

  7. christmas vacation finna be lit!

  8. damn THUG just got BODIED has tf ever even won Aden castle in like 5 years? LOOL
  10. oh god, communist ideology of equality seeping into olympiad, what the fuck is this, L2 USSR? anyone saying no epics in oly prolly doesnt have any epics, lets be honest i can see where GMs are coming from with this rule however, as it might increase server longevity and "balance" things out kinda like in mario kart how people in last place get WAY better items than ppl in 1st/2nd i guess GM logic is "if your really deserving of heroes, having no epics shouldnt matter, as youd be more skilled anyways"
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