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  1. WTF!? https://i.gyazo.com/92773aabdcc49e049ef7bbe81d0b8d69.jpg
  2. you dont understand, I mean rewards for participation, but not win. Just to increase arenas count
  3. There are a lot of nobless players on the server, but olympiad mostly can not start because of not enough players ... Let's make some small rewards for participation?? for example christmass parts... or chance to get enchant scrolls after fight... of something else... Lets think about the best case.
  4. Olympiad starts too lately for eu players... for us it is about 22:00 - 23:00... Is it possible to make it 1 hour earlier of something like that? Thanks
  5. Please, make changes to block buff mechanics... Make change, so it become possible to buff inside party while this trigger is activated. Thanks
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