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  1. see you all in the future

    Wind definitely top BD :) take care
  2. toyFactory 2018

    top top GL!
  3. test

  4. Bring back old Exile

  5. Server down?

    Is Sublimity up now or?
  6. WTT SB+f+12

    prefer AM acumen +12
  7. EvenRed is Recruiting!

    Go evenred!
  8. Not the best preparation but..

    I was first with it... promise =D
  9. Okay i think that we all can agree about this preparation of launching L2Sublimity was not the best. BUT opal if you put all your energi and time for making this happen.. I will appreciate that. Best regards, Patient Member
  10. Server still down?

    It will be online today*
  11. QuantiumBase

  12. ProStyle

  13. ShawtyGotCrunk