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    solomid ? they cant take even normal rb before we left , wtf ur talking about ? , clans left because there is no pvp , its not enough to pvp only in grandbosses
  2. Ppl left because , we want pvp all day , not only aq,baium :) anyway 2 cp left also , its too late
  3. more 2 cp already left... to be honest its too late.
  4. there is 2 side for now , sh4rk side lack of ppl ( cant even make 3pts) , because most of us already 30+ and dont have time to play 12 hours like most of kids here.. hope server dont die,cuz as i see soon many ppl will leave. gl
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    As in topic
  6. Narog


    dont put safe enchants to donation , u will kill the server so fast ;) weapons is ok but others will kill server
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