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  1. Video from the server. Watch in full screen 1080p
  2. just go to sieges and stop being pussies and feeding in oly while everyone else is at the siege
  3. Antharas/Valakas/Zaken/Baium/Aden pvps

    good video dude, the music is dope
  4. Hope you enjoy it . Been having fun in the server so far. #forever B grade. #aguateros VOL. 2 archer POV coming soon
  5. Who's gonna ragequit first?

    You lost couple fights and you quit already ? Thought you were better than the other retards but you probably worse
  6. Who's gonna ragequit first?

    Lol dude you're posting random shit in a forum that belongs to a server you are not even playing. Get a life plz.
  7. ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    I think you got your answer. They never even started
  8. Epic Control

    Lol this guy claiming domination after winning a QA at 9 am EU time that nobody went to and another QA where nobody had noblesse except his parties. Today at baium and queen ant some sides actually show up and SGC gets 0 epics. Nigga please...
  9. delete

    Naish has been found
  10. SA low rate kings

    @Bagel dude if you are gonna come here and try to speak the truth or try to be super 'reasonable' at least get your shit together and cut the bullshit. I accepted HBs 9 v9. I told him to give me a date/time, he never answered. Ask him if you want, you dont need to act like a big boy here in l2 forums when you're completely clueless. We stopped playing cause we got bored, nothing to do with you.
  11. Hey Guys, Thank yall for the fun times, the normal people, the toxic ones and the chill mowwwufckas.. Most of us will play Sublimity on the 15th! We are just finally putting the ShadowAngels name to rest and some of our players are finally quitting l2 for real life or other games. We have used that name for waaay too long , even though we've changed groups many times. Most importantly, with old groups, new groups, playing casual, playing competitive. Whatever the circumstance or our mission, we have always achieved our main goal: To have fun Hope you enjoy the vid! no flames intended, just cool memories. Peace
  12. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    From now on you shall be known as the wannabe ATB crybaby.
  13. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    Hahahahhaha so butthurt
  14. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    Tidus you saw Opal didnt allow ppl to dual box. I even tried to log a guy that had to leave and he told me he would remove my hero if i did. Why r u crying so much all the time i still dont get it. Opal did what u wanted yet u sti crying