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  1. streamforfree banned by innova :(

    Truta got banned too so careful streamers :D someone from twitch staff banning all sublimity streamers
  2. streamforfree banned by innova :(

    no idea but I sent an email to innova too, I posted on their forum also to find out whats going on, will be back tomorrow with news.
  3. streamforfree banned by innova :(

    don't create another account cause they will ban all ur accounts and dont start another stream with another account cause they may ban u 4ever, just send them an email so they can see u did nothing wrong, this may be autoban or something cause is too strange.
  4. streamforfree banned by innova :(

    I got banned too earlier LUL but for 24h Dear k1llathenf: We’ve received a notice of alleged copyright infringement with respect to your account. Here are the details: Alleged Infringing Content: ????L2Sublimity x25????pvp????[EN/RO]????????HOT music???? at https://www.twitch.tv/k1llathenf created on Mon, 19 Nov 2018 20:54:26 UTC Other Removed Copies of Alleged Infringing Content: ????L2Sublimity x25????day 2????[EN/RO]????????HOT music???? at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/337982025 created on Mon, 19 Nov 2018 15:39:01 UTC Copyrighted Work: Lineage II Content Copyright Claimant: Innova Co. S. à. R. L. Copyright Claimant Contact Email: [email protected] As a result of this notice, the allegedly infringing content and other copies of the allegedly infringing content have been removed from Twitch. If the claim was against live content, your account has also been suspended for 24-hours. Finally, a copyright strike has been issued against your account. You currently have 0 copyright strike(s) on your account. Twitch complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), and Twitch’s own copyright policies, available at DMCA Guidelines. If you believe your content has been taken down as a result of mistake or misidentification, please submit a valid Counter-Notification by following all the requirements in our DMCA Guidelines. If you would like to reach out to seek a retraction from the copyright claimant, please contact them directly. Further details are also available in our DMCA Guidelines. Under the DMCA, we are required to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers. To avoid any further copyright strikes, please take a moment to clear your account of any potentially infringing content and refrain from sharing any unauthorized content on Twitch in the future. If this is your third copyright strike, your account is now terminated. Additionally, circumventing penalties placed on your account, including account suspension or termination, is prohibited by Twitch’s Community Guidelines. Any new accounts you create will also be suspended or terminated. Sincerely, Twitch Staff I already sent them an email to unban my ass https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/emails/new send them an email , click the link, after you finish ,complete the suspension appeal form. good luck
  5. enable selling at NPC

    selling in shop is still unavailable
  6. is there any command to stop xp ?
  7. Can you enable to sell at the NPC and make only started package unsellable ? we need to sell the crystals from over enchanting etc
  8. Customs

    with that MP pots price and x25 adena rate wich was you don't have to worry about MP pots, if they fix it as it supposed to be x1 adena rate , yes you should not put them on auto except during pvp
  9. features

    A and S grade is custom farm, you get them from the solo and party areas