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  1. what you talking about? You are certain that I am ... when there are so many fans on my list
  2. I think these things are missing from the server 1- Fix solo zone or change 2- Fix Time Zaken/AQ (Good time for Latins and european) 3- Add Wuepons or Set Phoenix ( very difficult without donation ) 4- Add Frintezza for more pvp and epics all days 5- Core & Orfen LvL 80 and add in raid map 6- Add zone pvp in some boss 75+
  3. FranStyleFTW


    WTS VALAKAS FOR x2 AQ and x1 Baium pm me
  4. FranStyleFTW


    LF AM acumen + wild magic passivee
  5. FranStyleFTW


    WTB AM acumen Wild Magic Passive pm meee
  6. FranStyleFTW


    UP!! ALL SET S / x2 AM+6 / x2 SET TT / x2 SET DC /
  7. Opal can u tell me if you modified M.critc? because I have WIT+5 / Valakas / AM with wild magic active... and with pow 11 magic = 2 m.critic .... with magnus+wild magic active+valakas = 11 magic = 1 m.critic today all side had a 2 archer party :D and the mages? nerf
  8. FranStyleFTW


    No items for now.. :D soon have more
  9. FranStyleFTW


    RMT? one fan detected 100% sure
  10. FranStyleFTW


    Set Draco / Db focus / Set TT Set DC / Am acu+6 / Set TT
  11. L2Sublimity Fraps Vol 1 look min 12:53 the captcha xdd and 17:58 @OpalSnow
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