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  1. Clan neshto? Nqkoq malka grupa ili cp? Solo sum zasq
  2. Dunno lol, they say ddos. Ingame there was no lag. People had so much time to download the client and then a whole day to create account. Also about dualboxing, noone needed it at start
  3. Please post updates on site, not all people join discord.. Hopefully we will see the same amount of people at least and even more if possible.. DONT SCREW THIS UP WITH OPENING!
  4. How many buff slots for buff/song+dance? Hopefully you won't make it star wars and everyone running with 20 songs and 30 buffs
  5. You haven't mentioned anythinig about donation, maybe i missed it somewhere? 1 Are you going to have donation currency that will be tradable ingame? It simply destroys the server's economy so hopefully nope. 2. VIP/Premium accounts? Bonus to stats? 3. Till what grade is your GM-shop? Are you going to put weapons/armors for donations on start or later? 4. Did you increase/decrease Anakazel % chance to up SA? That's it for now
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