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  1. we died 1 time to you we wasted foi for crystals, and we were 3-3,5 pt which means we had less numbers than you, we actually killed everyone f2f i even made fraps out of it :P stop lying!! live to reality once! merry christmas
  2. as i told him myself on a private message, i will be here for the next project ,giving my best with my boys. I have bunch of people backing me up thank god and we will be here to support opal on his next project! Hopefully there will be more organized sides before the opening, i will even make my own for the next server. And whoever says i quitted on the first month, i ll tell you this. The server became a 2sided with 4 pts on my side and 6 on the enemies,i was asking cf to split so we keep playing on lower numbers,they reject and i peaced out. I left when the server was already dead cause people like hatorri and ytp quitted due losing sprees. I wasn't here to dominate no shit,i even skipped epics which means i didnt take the game seriously,i played it casually,even though we played a lot of hours some of us cause we were jobless ,i can tell you we played it casually. Hope everyone will come back and hopefully opal make the necessary changes on the project ,cause now he knows whats up. peace and Merry Christmas everybody ! also have a happy and a healthy new year sincerely yours Braveheart
  3. fucking piece of shit dont ever use my name for any of your sentences
  4. dont fucking blame me bitch and remove my name from that fucking list. I was the only fucking party that active on fucking daily bases w/e the timer was and was searching for different activities on the server. For a fucking month you bitch!!! So before you use braveheart name again,first log in into the fucking server,and then if you actually see and know things,then try to judge . i also split from my first side in order to keep hatorri in the game cause he was about to quit! then i even formed a way smaller side again so hatorri keeps his side and i make something new but hatorri left,same for ytp ! what the fuck im supposed to do after? do you think im a kind of god resurrect people to get them play the game again or what?
  5. buddy, i dont know if there is too much ytp inside you,but you re a gonner. you re totally braindead
  6. it was the server which donations +16 poped out and suddenly tiger won some pvp due donated gear. i remember that shitshow. pay2win
  7. i think the only time he did that was this sublimity with us. i swear to god when ever i join a server with or without tf as a clan,he had max 1-2 secondary epics,the rest was on us. lol he is a quitter QuitThePro knows when to quit
  8. Buddy you have issues,you never killed me,and i never fanboyed anyone. waste of time talking to you.
  9. Ask my people what i told them when i was defending aden castle for that faggot. They asked me i was wiping all the enemies inside while you were still waiting for the npc to teleport you out like 3 or 4 times at least. I wanted ytp to get that castle so he doesn't quit. Cf had plenty of chances to take it for their own. You can even ask them yourself. We canceled at least 3 winnable prays right there. And all that cause i know what kind of pussy ass guy ytp is. I didnt want him to quit again so soon. He said he ll stay to the end game,something he never did.
  10. also,ask him about that baium i took for me,before we even come on the baium,i pmed him and i told him i come with my 2 pts only if i take the baium for me,not otherwise. We go together and i take it for me? or we split before baium? he prefered to keep me and win pvp i guess,and then he called me a scam. I have dignity you know. your leader knew.
  11. buddy,ask your leader,how many server he has lost to my clan. if he is honest he will answer with "every single one sandy" . if not he ll start excuses...that's what he does best. that guy is a nobody to me,and im not even trolling right here.i joined hatori in order to reach your numbers and cf numbers so i bring a 3rd side on the scene,i didnt know the set ups of this guy and tbh he had a broken cc party and i had another broken cc pt. In the end of the day it doesnt even matter does it? When i left sgc to keep the numbers low on the server that guy insta recruited 2 more groups in order to keep winning,something he failed to do and then quit the server cause he literally won 0 epics in a week. Am i lying my friend?
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