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  1. Holy moly u even got rekt from mrpro party and u talk about me and Java? You are the java trash player not me monkeyshit
  2. I don't understand ur monkey language be more clear next time please
  3. He has no balls to play here mate he is always talking and talking what is a man when he has no balls to face the truth
  4. You never accepted any 9v9 cuz u are monkey to teach u what is selfao u will eat good on this server you will swap 10 different towns
  5. Crap English I will dominate ur ass on this server
  6. I give to monkeyshitgod max 1 week on this server cuz he is another Brazilian cock sucker who will cry to admin about Zerg etc like they always did monkeyshit when u finally learn some English then talk about me or if it's java or pts svr cheers
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