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  1. :D ahaha duo with feeder, nooo gracias, no me gusta :D
  2. p. bow +11 phx. splitter +11 phx spear +10 phx shield +6 tts set +6 soul set robe +6 (helmet +7) soul set light +6 mastered divine shirt mastered magician shirt orfen +3 phx mace +10 phx light set +6 phx robe set +6 cheap! Pm me here, or iG or discord - LegallyBlonde
  3. Is ur clan going to be inactive for a week? :o Sadly u didnt show up on today's AQ :(
  4. Im not waiting any reply from you. Nobody is saint, SA neither...
  5. You are just some random to me, unless u grow up some balls and start using ur real name. Untill then I got nothing else for you. My 2 cents!
  6. Im still waiting for some normal, clever reply from any SA member and not just some senseless replies ...
  7. not true boy, but i would say, they arent nolifers
  8. but thats what u have always been doing guys :P always first geared, while i was still in my D grade tunic..
  9. If the tower or any botting program will be forbidden, I highly doubt ur clan will get items fast... Which means u will have to spend more time on farming by urselves and getting ur gears done.. Maybe then the server will last even longer :)
  10. As tittle says, pm here or IG, or discord "LegallyBlonde" Edit: trade done.
  11. alright, sure, ty :) lol for kids, so L2 for kids
  12. Hi there guys. Since many of u dont play just L2 but also LoL, I would like to ask you if there is any chance to get ur nick names so we can play some arams or even rankeds :) . Im currently playing on EUW, nick "LegallyBlonde". It would be cool if I could play with some of my old mates or "enemies". If you are in, just type ur nick down below and I will gladly add you. Cheers and see you around
  13. I dont think we dickholded since I remember Vincent was killing me all the time and also people were shouting out on TS we got interrupted while cresting. Anyway overall I honestly think it was a pretty funny siege and all that matters is to have fun, which we did have and same goes for AQ. This siege without buffs was epic :)
  14. Yes, so i will go Giran, get full pt of 9 ppl for Party zone and kill mobs that drop 35-40kk adena, LS (that everyone sells now in giran for 30-70k - nobody buys it) and some other phoenix mats, sometimes it drops 12AA as well and all those mats will be separated between 9 ppl.. = drop sucks. As I can see its rly better to lvl up bots and start botting like other ppl do.
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