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  1. see you all in the future

    Thanks for these years Opal. I feel sorry with you that server went down i met so many old friends and this is and will after l2Extreme be the best fucking server that existed. Wind i hope we’ll meet in next Sublimity, best BD in history;) /Whorecaptain, EA7
  2. Hmm, RB's allowed but not dusk, p wep? wtf ? Regards, WhoreCaptain
  3. Advanced Phoenix Robe Set, done!

    Stop fucking complain about the stats, i'ts better now stfu please.. If you boost it more it will so OP keep it like old Sublimity this is too fucked up... Everyone complaining. Regards, WhoreCaptain
  4. Get me fucking out of Jail

    Well he is telling one true thing and that is, he must have a chance to defend himself and this server can't have blocks for L2Walker etc??? I'ts 2014 omg... Dont loose players on the server. Opal you know whit i mean! IF YOU GOT PROOF JAIL HIM FOR 9999999 MINUTES, Regards, WhoreCaptain
  5. Restart BUG / RAIDS

    Sup folks, I have been examined a very important BUG at Exile RAIDS, especially EF RAIDS. The RAIDS in EF that is having a 1H respawn located deep in the Elven Fortress is BUG'D. A party defeated all the 4 raids and after the server made a quick restart the 4 raids respawned again w/o 1H respawn. Opalsnow please fix this before ppl getting RT'S like it were Animal skins... Regards, WhoreCaptain
  6. Lineage BUG

  7. Lineage BUG

    He can't delete it that's the prob.. he did all that is written as quotes so any other tip? Lineage 1 included my fault.
  8. Lineage BUG

    I try everything obviously so any other tip?
  9. Lineage BUG

    Sup guys, look my friend got a huge problem that was found when he changed resolution in LOG - IN screen and now this remains. --> ---------------------------------------------------------------------> http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=220197 Can someone help so he can join our lovely Sublimity? Maybe admins know what the problem is cuz i never been threat by this problem in my last 13 years playing this game.. Regards,
  10. Let it open!!! :)

    Cmoooon open i wanna fucking farm !!!!!!!! Old movie from Sublimity enjoy.
  11. Meanwhile waiting for Exile!

    Where the fuck do you see wallhack it's spectator view. Lmao
  12. Meanwhile waiting for Exile!

  13. Meanwhile waiting for Exile!

    Sup Exile bitches! Meanwhile waiting for Exile to Release --> One question, is NCwatch going to be able to use in new Exile? See you in Exile, back to CS then!