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  1. Genger Change

    Hello my friend wants to change only his Gender to male via this main class change.Can u make it possible to change that?Thnx in regards.
  2. AM MATS Drop rate

    + I have many DB/SB shafts and not even 1 am head.That's why ppl rerolling to archers because its way easier to make a bow.
  3. Ketra needs a drop boost

    Totally agree,parts are rly fucking rare..Cant make a set by xmas
  4. Custom textures (Weapons)

    Can you post the dynasty Textures plz. If its possible only the Dyna Mace.
  5. Trying to change my avatar at nWatch but it doesnt change.Uploading uploading uploading... With 2 browsers nothing happened.It that just me or ?
  6. What kind of PvP feature would you like to see?

    Daily TvTs. Something like conqurable altars(chaotic area) that giving clan rep after some minutes.
  7. Farming area

    Both huge areas. +
  8. Spoil

    Sphs,can drain life from dead mobs and u cant spoil them because they're dissapearing.If u find a retarted guy doing that just find another room
  9. What about increasing the drop rate for phx helmet patterns.It is impossible to gather parts.Trying to get em like 5 days + .I wont buy them for 800kk.
  10. Facebook Link Error

  11. The best client mods for L2!

    Everyone can do that with some search.
  12. Unique siege feature

    Lets hope it gonna be implemented soon.
  13. W4 Class Balance

    Add higher reuse at Trick,switch.Daggers non stop cancel your target.
  14. looking for something need some help

    I can give you a systemsg with dmg on screen.Offer me