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  1. Stop using Google translator
  2. thunderray topic was made when u were minority, like 5% of the playerbase. ThunderRay is just too big to not get listented
  3. guess who made topic to bring back HT. A guy that host l2sublimity on his machine and donated the most. Check who was replying on this topic mostly. Dont come with argument that x13 post there or kresia, back then they were not in my clan. https://www.l2sublimity.com/forum/view/10599-hero-tournament/?page=1
  4. Ht is made only cause SA donated too much and they put a pressure like always. No ht we refund. This ht is a joke
  5. me having 3 heros does it matter if i had 3 or 20 heros? u all shit compared to me. 5years behind
  6. If a clan like SA with their 30people cant organize to take 20 heros on first ht it means they are bunch of selfish randoms. I took 21 heros with 8 people
  7. some1 rly care aboyt SA event called HT? aka dualbox event that require zero clan organization sitting there 3h?
  8. on oly zodac was playing, on HT it was beast, u had only wit dyes he had str also
  9. but u polish leftovers are stucked with some unskilled brs and latins meanwhile i have my group of people for like 5 years on different servers. me>you i piss on people who think we cheat or anything else. they are 0 in my eyes
  10. unbalanced :D SA was also using mages, why they didnt beat us 9vs18? squallbh u are stucked with BRs, u mad i have top Polish CP on this community?
  11. lol u shit on u 2x less numbers, u believe we wouldnt shit on u as archers?
  12. Impious stop following me ok? It's free world, i do what feel is the best
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