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  1. khouji

    Suggestions Please??

    Just an update guys, I came across with this dog bath tub when I was searching online. Would it be a wise investment if I buy it? Any thought about this product?
  2. Listening to Linkin Park songs
  3. LOL. I wouldn't argue just because of Dragonball.
  4. khouji

    Favourite fruit?

    I love Dragonfruit. It's exquisite
  5. khouji

    Suggestions Please??

    Hey, guys, I'm just wondering if anyone of you has ever used a dog bath tub? Can you recommend me where I can avail one? It's really hard to give my dog a shower because of my achy back and knees. Appreciate your suggestions.
  6. I'm currently listening to my Linkin Park playlist. RIP Chester Bennington. :(
  7. khouji

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Khouji, please to meet you all. Can you tell me what clan should I join? Thank you
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